Subliminal Message: One Of The Many Effective Persuasion Techniques

Published: 30th December 2009
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Subliminal Message: One Of The Many Effective Persuasion Techniques

The basics of persuasion show how easy it can be to manipulate people's mind. With enough knowledge about how the mind works and sufficient skills on making the most out of this knowledge, one can make another person act according to the first person's whims and desires. There are various persuasion techniques that exist in everyday life, but most people do not know that these are actually effective in influencing the way one thinks and acts.

A very common persuasion technique is with the use of subliminal messaging. This is very popular within the marketing world. Known to be a proven tactic in getting a message across and making a person do something, a subliminal message is a powerful tool for everybody in any industry.

The power of a subliminal message thrives with the help of the deepest part of one's consciousness. It can be in any media and can be taken in visually or through what one hears. The most practical application of the use of subliminal messaging in the real world is in the form of advertisements, visual and auditory. The product with the most played TV advertisements tend to be the most bought item in comparison to similar products with different brand names.

A huge mass appeal has been continuously gathered by the TV and movie industry. Such impact can absolutely be credited to the power of subliminal messaging. There have even been some recent issues about the obvious effort to influence the listeners' minds with the use of spoken messages that are embedded in audio tracks.

In a scientific experiment conducted by a cognitive neuroscientist pertaining to the power of subliminal messages, it was found that certain topics actually result to specific reactions. There was also the conclusion that subliminal messages that are about sexual ideas are actually detected by the subconscious mind and is acted upon by the conscious mind. This is the reason why several advertisements come with sexual images in order to stimulate the mind more.

There are also arguments against the effectiveness of a subliminal message. Various experiments were conducted in an attempt to prove or disprove this. While it all started out being very problematic considering the difficulties that occurred in relation to the methods employed in the experiments, it ended with a conclusion about the power of the subconscious to process information the same way the conscious part of the mind does.

Aside from the conscious information processing, the fact that there is also an unconscious processing of information going on is already accepted by scientists and laymen altogether. More so, such information that exists in the subconscious has the power to get to the conscious part of the mind and affect how we think, feel and act.

The use of subliminal messages in any aspects of our lives is getting wider and wider. Whether such is good or bad is probably up to the person and his own intentions in making use of a subliminal message and trying to influence the people around him.

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